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24 March 2018 

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SV83 Audio Power Pentode

Chinese made equivalent of Svetlana SV83 / Russian Audio Power Pentode

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General Information

The Chinese equivalent of SV83/6?15? (6P15P) is a 12 watt power pentode suitable for audio use as a driver or output device in amplifiers. Similar to the EL84 but with SV83/6?15? (6P15P) pinout. If using in circuit as a replacement to an EL84, adjustments to the basing connections must be made.


Cathode                                              Oxide coated, unipotential                           
Heater Voltage                                   6.3                   V
Heater current                                    760                  mA
Heater- Cathode voltage                    100                  Vpeak
Amplification factor                            25
Transconductance                              15,000             µS
Interelectrode capacitances (typical) with cathode grounded
Grid to Cathode                     13.5                 pF
Anode to Cathode                  7                      pF
Grid to Anode                        0.07                 pF 


Maximum anode voltage

Maximum anode voltage                                300                  V
Maximum anode dissipation                           12                    W
Maximum Screen Voltage DC                        200                  V
Maximum  Screen Dissipation                        1.5                   W                                Maximum Cathode Current (continuous) 90                    mA
Maximum  Grid Voltage                                 -450                 V                      V
Maximum Grid Resistance                             1                      MΩ                 

Maximum overall length                                 78.5     mm
Maximum seated height                                  71.5     mm
Maximum diameter                                         22.5     mm
Base                                                                 B9A


Pin1     Grid 3 (shield)
Pin2     Grid 1
Pin3     Cathode
Pin4     Heater
Pin5     Heater
Pin6     Grid 3 (shield)
Pin7     Anode
Pin8     Not Connected
Pin9     Grid 2

SV83 base connections diagramme

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SV83 Audio Power Pentode Technical Illustration


SV83 Audio Power Pentode Technical Illustration


SV83 Audio Power Pentode Technical Illustration

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